Versions 0.0.x#

  • Setting up initial repository, configuring CI/CD

  • Migration of code from CU-Denver-UQ/mud-paper repo

  • Revisions of architecture, moving modules around

  • Rapid iteration, not sticking to semantic versioning

  • Possible breaking versions between patches (some functions moved to mud-examples)

  • Defines basic functionality, classes, helpful functions

Version 0.0.25#

  • Updated packaging to comply with PEP 517/518 using pyscaffold `v4.0.2

  • Removes pyerf in favor of erfinv from scipy.special (available since v0.2)

  • Renames testing to dev for optional dependency installation

  • Adds black as a dev dependency

  • Run black + flake8 on whole project

  • clean up setup.cfg file

  • adds file for readthedocs

Version 0.0.26#

  • Read the Docs set up, documentation infrastructure.

Version 0.0.27#

  • Adding docstrings

  • Removing plot module. mud-examples already has it.

  • Fixing CHANGELOG typos with version numbers.

  • Update README

  • Update project description + metadata in setup.cfg

  • sphinx_copybutton extension added

Version 0.1#

  • Basic functionality and repo complete with information

  • Beginning of adherence to semantic versioning rules

  • i.e., breaking changes in major revision, contract changes in minor, bugfixes/features in patch.